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Reference and Resources

Books – Recommended Reading

All the books we have listed we have found significant and relevant in our research and the books presented here are among the ones we feel most important in our own “health library”. Where possible, we have linked appropriately to Amazon.com for easy purchase. As many of the books are long out of print, many of the books are available used at quite reasonable prices, while others are considered collectors’ items and also priced accordingly. Please do not hesitate to try some of the “used” books, as in most cases they are in “like new” condition on a book that would otherwise not be available.
Happy reading!

Papers and Articles

There are many excellent and pertinent technical and informal papers and articles on or related in some way to the science of our subject of Rife technology. In many cases, the documents are available here for download, or in the case of known copyrighted materials, a link as been provided, where available, to the authors website for the most current revision available.


It is sometimes very helpful to closely go over the origional patents to get a clear idea of the basic concepts involved. This can often be very different than the myth, legend, perception others present. The patents are presented in the careful and explicit words of the creators (and their lawyers) and typically give an excellent detailed and pictorial overview of what is really going on. Patents we’ve found signifigant are listed here and available in document form where possible.


Many talk shows, audio presentations, and illustrative graphics provide an excellent source if informal hints and suggestions, especially to those beginning in the education of these technologies. They also often provide valuable hints to other available resources of interest. We have linked where appropriate for your convenience.


Construction Aids

For those individuals interested in constructing devices yourself, we have included here printable resources helpful to some of the more technical aspects of construction.


Operating Aids

This area reserved for various documents relating to the actual operation and suggested methods people have found useful in the operation of the various devices we discuss.


Over these last many years I have found various websites particullarily useful and these are all ones we recommend for those investigating Rife Technology.

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