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Acknowledgements & Special Thanks

While this document will never be totally complete and will forever be a document “in-work”, it would surely be lacking with out the acknowledgements of the many folks who have given so generously, and sharing their time and efforts. Special mentions however are well deserved.

Jim Bare – for his continued dedication and efforts to legally document and protect that something at least resembling Royal Raymond Rife’s original technology could be made available using modern day components, protecting it with patents, helping assuring the technology can be available to those in need.

Brian McInturff – for religiously maintaining the master frequency list used by so many of us as our starting point for frequency selection and suggestions and reminding us how important it is to accompany and supplement the technology with the simple and effective natural herbs that have been available for some time and we are only now rediscovering as we investigate and turn away from “conventional” processes and thought.

Ralph Hartwell, Dan Tracy, Gary Wade, Reid Smith, Dr. Dick Lloyd – all persons I consider my predecessors in this journey who have unselfishly shared their time, their thoughts, their ideas, and their experiences in helping myself and others develop and achieve results when little if any technical information was readily available.

Dr. Nenah Sylver - for helping bring some of the more philosophical implications and considerations to light and for reminding us that true healing is often more than simply the science we have come to expect but includes the integration of mind, body, and spirit into the equation for effective health and recovery.

Bob Howard – who for so long moderated and operated what I consider one of the best mailing list available and was the source of many fine exchanges, education, and “food for thought”.

Barry Allred – for his skills, artistry, craftsmanship, and dedication to working with builders and developers to bring and old science to this “new” one.

Jimmie L. Holman, Sr. – for the many hours of circuitry and specialized design ence…. And for listening and I trying t conventional o understand when the special requirements were not what was expected of the conventional science of his technical education.

Last but not least, a special thanks to the many folks who over the years have visited my websites and asked so many excellent questions giving me the more practical and human perspective a technical person often forgets. It is for those type folks … the people who are really interested in truly researching and developing these amazing technologies that these pages are actually dedicated.

And to the memory of Royal Raymond Rife!

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