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Construction Details

Transportable Bare-Rife Construction

bare-rife cases

The "Transportable Rife" construction details provide a pictorial guidline and sample for those wishing to construct a substantial and reliable unit for personal research. The open architecture allows for easy modifications and monitoring of the seperate components. The details allow the experimenter to better envision how one might design and lay out a practicle unit for their own unique requirements

Bare Rife Tube Hints

brt hints

Unless you have a background or experience in RF electronics, some of the issues involved with the Bare-Rife plasma tube and wiring may not be obvious. This short pictorial may assist with considerations when designing your system.

Bare Rife Tube Wrapping


Poor delivery of the RF signal into the plasma tube is probably the primary reason for most system and component failures. Here we will step you thru a detailed pictorial examples of wraping a tube, complete with downloadable handout.

Poor Man's Rife


This group of articles with step the user thru the simple device construction.

Poor Man's Rife - HV Plasma

pms hvp

Poor Man's Rife High Voltage Plasma device construction.

Uniden 510XL Modifications


The 510xl for some time was a preferred radio for Bare-Rife due to the ease of modification. Basic design changes to the radio have made the more recent versions worthless for our needed modifications. If you are able to find an older version of this radio, this is how it use to be done.

Bare-Rife Connstruction Details (Austin)

rife dallas

Sample Construction Details are also shared here for another open-architecture Bare-Rife system to provide the experimenter ideas for their own project.

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