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Frequency Generation


Computer "Controlled" Operations

It is this author's opinion and extensive experience that Rife applications are typically best utilized in combination with computer control. Computers now days are not expensive. Depending on your level of need, even very modest or used computers usually provide sufficient resources for most needs. Online capabilities for the acquisition exchange of frequencies, protocols, and general information is invaluable. We hope to soon have even online real-time chat capabilities available from within our commercial and freeware software offerings.


For most of our uses, the computer provides a much needed convenience. It allows:

  1. quick and easy access to the most up to date information, frequency lists, and correspondence with like minded others.
  2. t allows for construction of frequency lists of our own choosing, easy editing, and the ability to keep noteworthy annotations.
  3. software to make the computer a frequency generator is freely and easily accessible to almost any potential user.
  4. advanced command and control for stand-alone systems


Without a doubt, most realistic users need to rely on groups of frequencies .not simply rely on a single one. Because of the inter-related nature of so many issues, often even large sequences of frequencies are needed, some being effective in relatively short amounts of time, others requiring extended amounts of time for best results. In the case of the radiant devices, (those devices not requiring direct contact), it may often be advantageous for there to be multiple recipients utilizing the equipment and sharing cost, pooling resources, research and ideas. In real practice, multiple persons, even those targeting or studying different afflictions or maladies can easily share a session. The computer can appropriately zip thru just about any user-defined frequency set (sequence) and it is known that many maladies apparently share common frequencies. Being able to start a session and then focus attention on the physiological responses rather than having to dedicate full attention to the operational aspects is quite valuable in practical use.

Wave Sequencing

Because we rarely know the precise frequency needing to be applied, we often have at hand many reported individual frequencies. It may be advantageous to experiment with many separate but related symptoms, and because it is very advantageous to be able to modify on the fly as well as save notations, logs, and various experimental versions, the computer becomes an invaluable tool for frequency generation/control and record keeping.

The capability to rapidly add/change and access frequencies, times, characteristics as well as being able to have a repeatable record of what has been done before, is invaluable in developing usable techniques and protocols. The home PC, desktop or laptop provides this tool at a modest investment. In most cases, a powerful computer is not really required. One with minimal or modest resources will typically suffice.

Computer Frequency Generation

PC Speaker - one of the older forms of frequency generation, but one that is still available today uses the computer' internals PC speaker. Important Note: This is NOT to be confused with the PC sound card or built in "sound system" common on most new computers and laptops. IBM used the PC speaker as a diagnostic port to report the overall "health" of the system or to alert of potential problems. To generate this "beep", IBM and the later "compatible" manufacturers triggered a 5v DC voltage on and off rapidly at a rate to cause the sound. It was found this "switch rate" could be manipulated thru software you define tones within a limited audio spectrum with "reasonable accuracy". It MUST be noted, that because of limitation of the circuitry, clock processor speed, inherent mathematical limitations in the preliminary design of PCs, there will ALWAYS be differences in attempted vs. actual generated frequency. Sometimes this difference is quite acceptable, sometime off by quite a bit. Although technically the signal, being switched on and off rapidly is technically a square waveform, in reality, it can vary greatly also. This method however is still a way, folks with very limited budgets, can have many of the desired conveniences, on a shoestring budget.

[show pc speaker connection photo]

Sound Card - The implementation of soundcards into almost all PCs, and notebook computers has really brought low cost specialized signal generation into the hands of many folks that would not otherwise have access. There are a wealth of excellent computer programs for various purposes, many of which are very well suited for the typical Rife experimenter. As in the previous method of PC frequency generation, there are inherent mathematical and hardware induced inaccuracies.

Note: It is imperative the user be aware that BOTH PC Speaker system and PC Sound card have deficiencies in BOTH frequency accuracy AND waveform output! The latter can be corrected to a significant degree.

SquareGENsp+ (Signal Processing)

Waveform Correction

As waveform has been openly and repeatedly discussed, (at least on Bob Howard's "rife-list"), several solutions have been publicly and openly offered. Ralph Hartwell's "Wave Shaper" and others are very welcome additions and may be the potential solutions to many folk's concerns. The SquareGENsp+ shown in the photo includes not only the necessary signal processing for excellent square wave output to pultiple types of devices .. HighVoltage, Bare-Rife, as well as high impedence pad output for use as a contact device.

We should consider and remember EACH of these potential solutions probably has its own unique set of considerations and limitations and might even introduce new problems. We also need to be aware that many of these recommended offerings are for use in a specific environments only. i.e. a device (regardless of price) designed to output a beautiful square wave signal into a 50 ohm load very likely have a terribly output when placed on an animal's skin, (even a human). An output specifically designed to match THAT type of load range of course would be expected to maintain a better waveform. These are all things I personally discuss with developers and users... it isn't any type of secret. It IS a necessary consideration that many devices simply lack.

Computer Control of Equipment

The ideal marriage of computer control an manipulation of a dedicated high accuracy frequency generation device hardware provides the ultimate in research capabilities and investigative use with expandable capabilities often implementablt through simple, inexpensive software additions, rather than expensive hardware upgrades or replacements.


Noone... I don't care HOW technically savvy, can absolutely "assume" how another person will use any information, nor should they make those decisions absolutely for the public. It is ridiculous to assume precisely how a person may utilize ANY device or even information .... or hopefully how he might INNOVATE or IMPROVE UPON or UTILIZE any information or devices.

Safety is a VERY relative term. While our governments set standards and guidelines for us in various areas ... that varies greatly and is OFTEN open for interpretation AND as we have found, is in itself often very misleading.

I myself, am one of "those" persons that has terrible debilitating reactions to the "sulfite preservatives" that our own FDA in their "wisdom" deemed "Generally Recognized as Safe"... an additive when on that GRS list was allowed to NOT be disclosed as an ingredient. It was not until after the death of many folks, and public outcry, that it was removed from this list. IT HAD been "legally proven" to the government's standards to be proof to be able to be labeled as SAFE!.

I doubt many of use would consider chemotherapy "safe" from ANY perspective. I'm not sure I would subject myself to it under ANY circumstances ... yet THAT is "acceptable" conventional treatment

Almost any device can have "innovative" uses. A simple (generally considered "safe") extension cord, has numerous practical applications, but could be fatal if one end was in a persons mouth while the other end is plugged in to the wall outlet. It is a matter of common sense, education, and a general understanding of the practical, related concepts behind these technologies of our study. I would of course recommend strongly for "innovation" directed more along the lines of our intended goals.

The technical papers and information available from FDA and universities and as the result of government grants are quite useful or invaluable in determining as a general rule what MIGHT be safe or not.... still, the individual's specific PRIVATE application and decisions may have preference over the reported scenario. For instance, if our FDA has determined that the maximum voltage used in a TENS application is 80volts peak-to-peak ... without causing localized cellular damage at the contact point of application,   and the user found that 81 volts was beneficial for his particular application or destruction, It is my contention that it is NOBODY'S business but his own to determine what "his" acceptable "safety" threshold is under circumstances and conditions undoubtedly his own. He should be able to freely state from his technical OR non-technical perspective what his observations are. It is NOT any of our responsibility or right to predetermine, or make absolute assumptions or decisions for another person.

The Physics

Although beyond the limited scope of this probably already too long chapter, the technical physics, in my opinion surely should be considered. For the last year and a half to two years, I have seriously been collecting technical documentation, medical, scientific, biological, electrical, patent, even info in the area of particle physics. Maybe surprisingly to many, I have NOT collected much in the way of anecdotal offerings although some DEFINITELY has merits, and unique content worthy of consideration and inclusion. When prepared to my satisfaction, I'm sure I will be making my information available as well as properly referencing, including (with proper permissions), or appropriately linking to my source materials. Unfortunately I believe too many folks are blinded and limited by past or too-simply furnished information when it is not considered into the larger picture.

An excellent example of this was presented by Stuart Andrews effectively demonstrating the all to common (Ella Fitzgerald/Memorex tape commercial) analogy of resonant destruction of a cell (and how that analogy is basically wrong)... by taking a water balloon, shaking, beating, talking, etc. to it and it was basically absorbing each abuse. There are probably few among us that really believe from a technical perspective that is how the targeted cellular destruction occurs, however ... the original analogy REMAINS still an acceptable method to describe to the complete neophyte the very basic concept of resonant frequency so that THEY TO can enjoy this "quest".

Many folks have informally asked me ... "What do you use on yourself?" (knowing of my accessibility to almost anything. I have NO PROBLEM stating that I use the very hardware and software I/we openly discuss here ... (not JUST mine)... the very same things THEY have easy access to ! As most of you should recall, my sites and observations are almost EXCLUSIVELY made up of photos, notations, editorial content of what I have PERSONALLY built and used myself. It is presented as such. I have never recommended anything I wouldn't use myself or feel safe in using. If and when that perspective ever changes, the content and reasoning will not be necessarily removed, but rather TECHNICALLY EXPLAINED. This is so the reader can have the "choice" of deciding what is applicable for himself.

If I could emphasize but one point .that would be to not let cost or (perceived cost) get in your way of investigating this technology. Even the most modest of systems can be beneficial in enlightened hands.

The Future

Many people have asked us, “What’s next?”. This last several years or so, we have been concentrating heavily on precision control, documentation and attempting to more fully understand what is really going on. One of the key contributions Rife made was his able to demonstrate, (because of his microscope), the real time verification of action and reactions. Few independent researchers to this point have had the resources or the equipment to be able to repeatedly duplicate or perform similar work. Until recently, convenient and extremely accurate and easily controllable plasma excitation has been in the hands of too few. Designs have largely been based on limited and, in many cases, incorrect or incomplete information. Equipment and designs are definitely getting better. Advanced plasma tube designs such as the work of Barry Allred are not always apparent in visual appearance but have been instrumental in many of the advancements made. Simply put, the advances in the technology are not necessarily visually apparent.

We can now easily excite plasmas well past 100,000 Hz which is far more than the 10,000 claimed by some. There is nothing wrong with those designs, they simply don’t represent the next generation of equipment becoming available.

We are getting a far richer picture and understanding of the physical and chemical interactions, and the documented sciences involved in what we are causing, witnessing, and experiencing. The realm of the electronic designer has rarely overlapped into the realm of the biology as a result of current conventional medicine’s pharmaceutical approach and focus on patented chemicals rather than an in-depth understanding of the energetic nature of what is happening.

As researchers and experimenters it is up to us to responsible utilize existing knowledge and science, and incorporate it thoughtfully into our work, … not simply follow the directions mindlessly that have been dropped in our laps …. a portion of which may even be WRONG.

The RifeStation here was designed for real-time application, viewing, recording and documentation in a controlled and coordinated environment. The system shown here may also be used in conjunction with our (not shown) Bare-Rife system.


The custom tube shown here allows for direct exposure of selected subjects in a closely controlled environment.

In closing, I want to emphasize that it is YOU, the experimenters and researchers who will likely be the ones to best utilize this technology. Better understanding of the underlying principles, and necessity of controls, will help any user get the best possible performance out of their available equipment. It is through the open exchange of information that others can learn as well.


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  • Carrier Frewuency (RF)
  • Modulation (RF)
  • Pulsing (HV) Switch Rate
  • Ela Fitzgerald Resonance Analogy
    - why it is right
    - why it is wrong
  • Tuning Fork and xtal glasses Analogy
  • Spectral Analysis, Bare-Rife off scale at 4.2 ghz


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