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Other Devices


Although not specifically Rife technology, there are other popular units available that may represent or utilize within them, similar electronic principles and technology.

Left is the famous "Zapper" repeatedly refered to in Hulda Clark's book "The Cure for All Diseases"

Right is the also well known "Brain Tuner" of Robert Beck
Both devices will be discussed in more detail below

Brain Tuner

The relationship of the Brain Tuner by Dr. Robert Beck to the area of electro-medicine may not be obvious to most yet deserves an examination to better understand other devices presented in this chapter.

The unit shown here is commercially available from
a number of sources as the Brain Tunner BT-5

Like some of the other devices we will be discussing, the device applies minute micro-currents directly to the subject. Unlike most of the devices we will be discussing, the electrodes are applied directly behind the ears to apply those micro-currents directly into the head. The intended use is for research in medical and/or psychological purposes. The micro-current energy pulses are reported to have a profound balancing effect on the individual and tend to produce a state of over-all relaxation and well-being.

More specifically, it is suspected these pulses stimulate the production of endorphins … especially useful when dealing with pain. (Much like TENS) It probably also affects the hypothalamus causing changes in the regulatory mechanisms and the reticular formation of the brain stem.

Some quarter century of device use has suggested

In summary, this device, although designed for ONLY a very specific location of the body, and only a very limited use, provides excellent clues which suggest the body as a whole will also respond in a similar manner, to similar signals. Beck’s other devices helped confirm and educate us regarding

For a more complete overview of this type device, please read the document in the Robert Beck area of the reference documents entitled Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation.


Many people absolutely “swear by” their Zapper. It is well documented in Ms. Clark’s books, (most of which I ALSO have). I have had one of the units myself and comparatively found the effects of our experimenter’s kit, (simple contact Rife device), to satisfy my needs to a far greater degree and adds versatility not available in that unit. I must admit I have had little long-term experience with the zapper but DO recommend obtaining and reading “The Cure for all Disease” by Hulda Clark. As a general rule, the zappers generate a chaos type frequency which hopefully “hits” the target or targets of your choice. Because there is typically no specific frequency adjustment, concentrated or more focused efforts cannot be obtained.

Commercial Clark “Zapper” The Cure for All Disease
by HuldaRegehr Clark, Ph.D.,N.D.

This black unit is a commercially available unit, which uses simple alligator clips, copper tubing, and simple moist cotton sleeves for contact. The gray unit show below, like many of my units use lab grade test leads with molded pins which are the appropriate size for insertion into readily available, medical grade reusable adhesive electrode pads. These provide for excellent contact and more efficient electrical transfer. Additionally, the self built unit boasts a rechargeable battery and jack so the unit does not require frequent battery replacement.

Home-made “Zapper”

Besides being one, if not the simplest of frequency devices, the zapper is very often the device that introduces many folks to the concept of frequency medicine or therapy. Besides being the simplest of devices, zappers are unfortunately, typically the weakest of the devices available. The voltage supplied by the simple 9 volt battery that most of these type units run on, drops dramatically when the electrodes are placed on the skin. Penetrating ability and conductivity through a body is terribly limited by this initially very low voltage and current and impedance matching and waveform are not even considered.

We will show how to build one of these units … however, it is the opinion of the author, that the beginning experimenter will better serve himself by using his effort beginning instead on one of the other frequency adjustable contact type devices to further his education.



The Bioelectrofier

In my opinion, far better than a “zapper” was still another device brought to us also by the now late Dr. Robert Beck. Included elsewhere is a packet of Beck information including his circuit drawing. In ________ and also in ________ 73 – Ham Radio Today, a ham radio publication brought to us by Wayne Green, featured an article by Thomas (Bill) Miller. He effectively and efficiently brought the circuitry up to date using modern, readily available, solid state components. The design is of the polarity modalities, (discussed briefly in the Question & Answers area), and frankly very impressive considering its modest cost and ease of use. Even though the article clearly stated it was a “plant growth stimulator, and for research, experimental, and educational uses, apparently the US FDA, (Miller suggests) immediately targeted “Bioelectrofier” as a threat to be dealt with. Quite ironic because the name “Bioelectrofier” was something simply made up for the article.

Regardless of its name, the Miller circuit remains one of the best “simple devices” I’ve come across, … worthy of the time and effort required to construct the device. Construction details and notations will be made available in the latter part of the book along with my personal recommendations and experiences.

Violet Ray

Violet Ray devices were very popular during the early and mid twentieth century and were often used as conventional medical treatment.

Typical Violet Ray Set

The units typically came in sets that contained an assortment of small detachable gas filled tubes. The driver system was a simple Tesla coil type arrangement providing high voltage at very low current. Some systems had limited adjustments. These old systems, if you can find them often still function quite satisfactory despite their age. Of special note, and of possible advantage to some experimenters, the glass wands are meant to be placed on very localized areas, and the coronal discharge from the tube directly to the skin is well known to give off a goodly amount of ozone (O3) which many feel is acts as a very good antibiotic. (There are entire books written on the subject “The Unmedical Miracle – Oxygen”, by Elizabeth Baker, M.A. is one in particular, a small book and an easy read.

The entire manual is included here for your enjoyment and also in the Referenced Articles area and is well worth the perusal if for not other reason than to examine how uses, claims, and documentation have changed over the years. A document like this would probably never be legally allowed in the United States today although it should be noted these were regularly advertised in legitimate medical publications at one time. Judging in the number currently available in E-Bay, they aparently were also in widespread household use over the years. Every one I have had the opportunity to examine, still work just fine … even some 7 decades after their manufacture.


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