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Disclaimer & Notices


These pages are for informational use only. They have been prepared to help you understand the strong relationships we believe exist between viral, bacterial, and parasitic components as they relate to much of today's disease.

The devices, methods, and suggestions discussed in these pages are meant as a primer to this technology, to allow you the first-hand experience and education, (at absolute minimal cost), so that you may also personally verify that there IS something to this and similar technologies and then help guide you on to some of the other Rife and Rife "related" devices and methods available.

Due to the nature of this emerging field, no health or medicinal claims are made. No guarantees of ANY KIND are suggested. Use of these type of technologies as a treatment should not be utilized as a substitute for competent medical care.

Our focus is to provide some basic guidelines for experimenters who may otherwise endanger themselves as they probe the possibilities of this emerging technology and whatever it may offer them.

Although most "Rife-type" instruments are not approved by any federal agency in the USA, approved or not, we can offer no assurance that any such equipment or therapy, regardless of manufacture or author, is appropriate for any given condition, human or animal. Exactly what the risks are for experimenters may depend on the severity of the condition. We can only offer anecdotal evidence that suggests success may have been achieved at some point in the past using the same or similar devices. We are beginning to understand much of the underlying science of this and related technologies and as we learn, and use, we are in even better positions to document and develop procedures suitable for use.

It is our opinion that these technologies are much safer than most experimental drugs, or therapies involving anything that is radioactive.

We have attempted to share and address some of these questions asked in the Rife Q&A area of these documents and website. Please bear in mind that a percentage of our audience are in countries where this device or similar instruments are not only legal, but actually approved for general use, by doctors and private therapists. A percentage of our audience are in countries where this type of experimentation is considered to be of no medical value, and where to even suggest otherwise might be bending the rules, or even breaking the law.

Therefore all perceived offers and comments are void where they are prohibited. Since we cannot hope to fully conform with the rules which are in conflict, we must insist that interested parties examine carefully what personal involvement, if any, is permissible in their locality, to assure that any and all transactions, verbal or otherwise, actions and use are not in violation.

Copyright Notice

The content of these pages are primarily, unless otherwise noted, copyright Jimmie L. Holman, 1995 through 2008 all rights reserved. Non-commercial use, reproduction, and sharing will often be granted and encouraged provided it is not altered in any way. We recommend linking to the content as it is being frequently updated to incorporate new additions and changes reflecting this emerging science and changing envrionment. Some marked content, not covered in the above notice, remains the property of the respective and credited owners. In many/most cases, they will also grant similar free use.

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