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High Voltage Tubes

Most Bare-Rife tubes that have internal electrodes may also be used in the high voltage PMR/EMEM type systems. Typically however, the high voltage systems cannot bring the plasma to the same state of excitement expected of Bare-Rife systems and we typically scale down the size of the tube for better performance. Phanatron tubes, reportedly tend to be difficult or require more drive than the newer modern efficient E-Gas tubes.

Bubble Tubes

Bubble tubes have become the norm for most rife work. Especially true in Bare-Rife (RF) excited configurations, the extra gas volume as well as a convenient contact point for hand placement in contact applications.

Single Bubble with Protective Housing
Double Bubble with Protective Housing

Specialty Shapes

Actually … to refer to these as “specialty” may be a disservice as these are typically very fine “utility” performers.

Handheld Bubble with Protective Handle


Helical Coil with Cable
Handheld Coil


Inverted Handheld Coil
Helical Coil


Handheld Coil with Extended Flexible Cable



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